Jan 31, 2021

Welcome to Ad-van-tures Over 50!

Hello! And welcome to my first blog on this journey. My name is Tracey Tischler and I had been researching van life for about four years. I never thought that I would be able to afford buying a van or converting a van but I was hoping, at some point, something would happen where I could get a van. Well, you know how life has a way of surprising you? That is what happened on August 17th when I saw now MY van on Craigslist! Never did I think being able to buy a van would happen this soon . . . and especially one that I love and is perfect for me. I truly believe that I manifested it (that story to come in an upcoming blog). My one condition was that it had a bathroom and a shower and my 2001 Roadtrek does! It even has two showers, one inside and one outside.

Since getting the van in August, I started redoing it right away and worked on it evenings and weekends. Well, I live in Minnesota (Minne-snow-ta) and winter has come. I wanted to store it for the winter but that was too expensive. So, it’s in my driveway and I drive it every weekend so that it isn’t just sitting. I wanted to take it out right away and I had called some local campgrounds to stay for a weekend but every one I called, they were booked, even in September. They told me it’s usually unusual but with COVID, everything has changed. It’s a way that people travel now.

All that said, what I want for this blog is to show people my journey basically from the beginning. Letting you know what is working for me and what isn’t working. What I like about it and what I don’t. With COVID, many people are finding alternative ways of living for less, myself included. Plus, I’ve always wanted to travel and now that my daughter is off to college out of state, it’s a great time for me! It’s going to be a process because I wasn’t prepared. Like I said, I didn’t expect to find my van this soon. I’ve started selling things in my house and minimalizing. Taking steps in moving towards being able to move out when it’s time to hit the road.

This is going to be that journey. I hope you want to tag along with me! I finally get my cushions (which is also my bed) back this Monday! That, in itself, has been a journey since October, which I’ll tell that story in an upcoming blog.

Thanks for being here!


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  • Bridget

    I stumbled across your Instagram and was intrigued…why does this woman have a van for travel but is still in the MN winter? I had to know more! I love your adventurous spirit and determination to follow your dreams! I can’t wait to see and hear more!

    • admin

      Hi, Bridget! Just getting back on my website to start writing blogs again! Thank you so much for following! I have two more weeks to pack my life up and heading out beginning November to head South to warmer weather!!! Thanks for following. There will be regular blog posts now. I have been uploading regularly to my YouTube Channel at Ad-Van-Tures Over 50. Thanks, again!

    • admin

      Hi, Bridget! I finished my van (almost) and just moved out of my place and just started living in the van. I’m here until November 6th and then I’m heading South! Yes, I am getting out of MN for the winter! You can follow me on YouTube also at Ad-Van-Tures Over 50. I just posted my moving out video today. Sorry it took so long to respond but I’m going to be posting blogs regularly now and keeping up with them!:-)

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