Oct 04, 2021

Turning 56 and Moving Into My Roadtrek Van

Welp, the time has come! I moved out of the place I have rented for 7 years and into my van. After buying my van just a little over a year ago, I can’t believe that the time is here. I’ve redone the van (except for a few things I have to do), I got my daughter back to college in Seattle and settled in for her junior year (where did THAT time go?), and I’ve given away, sold and cleaned out my house all by myself. My life now consists of my 2012 Hyundai, My 2001 Roadtrek and about 5 totes of important things that I want to keep. I Marie Kondo’d everything! And it’s been freeing.

It’s interesting how much STUFF we have and how 95% of that stuff we don’t need. I went through boxes I moved from place to place throughout the years just placing them each time in the garage or the basement without ever going through them but knowing I don’t need them. I was finally forced to do that and I didn’t need any of it. I was lugging around taxes since 2004! I feel like I’m getting a fresh start, a clean slate.

I turn 56 on October 26. I’m staying until November 6th because my mom turns 92 on November 5th and I want to stay here to celebrate that milestone with her before I go.

Here’s my plan for now (knowing that things come up and things can change at any moment). I’m heading South toward Sedona where my friend, Donna, lives to spend time traveling with her. On my way, I plan on stopping in Wyoming to fly fish. I can’t wait! Growing up, we had a cabin that we went to every weekend and I loved fishing. I would take the boat out by myself and sit for hours fishing. I’ve never been fly fishing before and have always wanted to. Next stop, Phoenix. I bought a gift certificate for myself (it happened to be half off when I did!) to drive NASCAR. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do for some reason. I get to drive for 5 laps myself and then I’m driving with a professional NASCAR driver 3 laps. I’m petrified but also excited. I bought a go pro and I plan on videoing everything from inside the car point of view. The plan for this trip is to become proficient and practicing and studying filming so I get good at it and at editing. When I was the anchor and news reporter for the Hastings News, I would put my own stories together. I would come up with a story, bring a camera person, tape it and then I would take the footage back to the news room and edit sometimes two hours of footage into a 2 and a half minute story. I loved it. I love telling stories and that’s what I plan to do along my adventures.

So, here’s to turning 56 and starting new adventures!

Thanks for coming along!


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