Sep 14, 2021


I just walked into my room after taking a shower to get ready for bed. When I got in my room, I realized something . . . I got rid of my bed today! Tonight I will be sleeping on my couch and will continue to do so for the next two weeks. It’s September 13th and I have to move out of my house by September 30th.

Honestly, I never thought that my idea of living in a van would come to fruition. Ever. I didn’t see how it could be possible. How would I afford to buy a van? I don’t know anything about car or vans so how would I make it happen? I can tell you, I don’t even know how it’s gotten to this point! But, I will tell you once I started focusing on it and actually searching for vans, even if it was just to get excited about maybe being able to buy one someday and those words actually left my lips to tell another person of my dream, that is EXACTLY when it started becoming reality. I can tell you the moment I spoke it. I was on break at a job I disliked with a co-worker and I told him that I wanted to buy a van and travel cross country in it. We both kind of laughed because it just truly, to both of us, didn’t seem like it would ever be a reality. I mean, how could it?

He sent me a text recently telling me that I am living out the dream I told him about that day.

Life has been so busy! I have been keeping up on my Ad-Van-Tures Over 50 Youtube videos, but I have let my blog posts linger. Not because I haven’t wanted to write, but because it’s been a lot trying to get everything in place. I’ve been finishing the van. I’ve done all the remodeling (thanks YouTube!) with the exception of the upholstering. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. I got Jessie back to school in Seattle a couple of weeks ago (wow, Washington State is so beautiful!), I’ve been finishing the van and I’m still working, plus moving all by myself (I hate to ask anyone for help).

So, here’s my plan. I’ll be out of my place and living in the van starting October 1st. The only things I own now are what I’ve kept for personal or business purposes and my 2012 Hyundai, which is paid for (thanks, Tina, for storing it for me in your garage!). I’m going to park my van in my sister and brother-in-laws driveway during the month of October — which happens to be my birthday month and I’ll be turning 56! My mom turns 92 on November 5th and I’ll be leaving after that.

I will tell you, the more possessions I let go of, the more free I already feel. The feeling of being scared of what I’m leaving behind has been replaced by the feeling of such excitement of what’s ahead.

The journey is just beginning and I hope to bring you along through all the ups and downs through it all.

Thanks for coming with.


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  • Petey

    I am so happy for you. You are one of my heroes, and I can’t wait to see what you will be posting.

    • admin

      Awww, Thanks, Petey! I can’t wait to get on the road and start videotaping my adventures!! Glad you’re along for the ride!!

  • Jane Forliti

    You go girl!!!

    • admin

      Thanks, Jane!!!

  • Margaret Menker

    So excited for you and your upcoming adventure.

    • admin

      Thanks, Margaret!!!

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