About Me

Welcome! My name is Tracey Tischler. I am 55 years old and I recently bought a 2001 Dodge Roadtrek and I plan on living the van life soon.

I have been researching van life for over three years but never could figure out how I would actually do van life. Buying a van and converting it seemed really expensive and out of my price range. My one non-negotiable was that I wanted a bathroom and a shower in the van.

After the pandemic hit, I started doing a lot of walking. One day on my walk, I saw a van parked in a driveway but not just a normal van, a camper van. It was a Roadtrek and I had never seen one before and never knew they existed! After the first time I saw it, when I got home, I Googled it and I realized this was exactly what I was looking for! It was the size of a van, but had everything inside: a fridge, stove, microwave, tables, bed, storage and, most important, a bathroom and a shower – actually two showers, one inside and one outside. But, yet again, I thought it was totally out of my price range.

I would randomly search for vans on Craigslist for van and one day, I had five minutes before I had to leave to get somewhere but something prompted me to check Craigslist. It is then I saw it – A 2001 Roadtrek with only 56,000 miles, brand new brakes and tires and in my price range. On top of that, the guy who was selling it was only a mile away. I contacted him right away and he had actually just put the ad up and I was the first one to call. I met him to see and drive it the next day and bought it right then. That was August 21, 2020.

Since then, I started redoing the van. I live in Minnesota and plan on starting to travel in spring and, hopefully, be doing full time van life by August of 2021. I started this site and blog to help others who are thinking of van life, come along on my journey of finding out what works for me and what doesn’t and the real ups and downs of the process.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me! Thanks for coming along. Tracey